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Client: Direct Mail Network
Industry: Interbusiness order entry/order processing

Direct Mail Network (DMN) is a printing, sorting and mailing center within the B2B realm. This company’s challenge is to continuously and accurately manage printing and invoicing. Common communication issues revolved around answering questions like these accurately and quickly

London Net Studios has worked with DMN and its affiliated companies for over 8 years. Projects have evolved over time as new communication challenges arise. Initially DMN sought an order processing system providing order status screens for their front office and production floor. A FileMaker Pro based solution called “JobTracker” was initially created to meet the needs of interdepartmental communication. The system made use of traditional interfaces for the front office and touch screen interfaces for the workstations in production department. As Direct Mail Network grows London Net Studio has continued to develop modules that add functionality and flexibility. The system has grown to include secure Internet access to JobTracker. Extending the work flow via the Internet means that DMN’s customers can now review their past orders, create new orders, check the status of the orders and print their own invoices once the job is completed.

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