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London Net Studio gets it right! We take the time to learn how you work and to understand the issues that you face. Our process relies on observation of the various roles within an organization, how they perform their tasks and how they interact with the larger business process.

Jeffrey London, Principal of London Net Studio, has over 10 years of experience translating into an ability to quickly grasp and resolve problems.  Jeff has consistently brought his understanding of information systems and interaction design to address contemporary business problems. A Certified FileMaker Pro developer, Jeff is also member of the FM Business Alliance, FileMaker Technical Network, and Chicago Area FileMaker Developers Association, and President of the Chicago Creative Coalition.

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FileMaker 9 Certified
FBA Technet
Chicago Area FileMaker Developers Association




Not just “working on the same page,” but creating the shared page to work from.

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Small Business
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K-12 Education
Track students, manage registration, organize lesson plans, and more.
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Med—Large Business
Streamline business processes and manage data more efficiently using business software solutions.
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Manage your fundraising, programs, track volunteer data, manage mailing lists, maintain donor information, and more.
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Creative Professionals
Manage your workflow, client details, digital assets, and more.
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Higher Education
Track grants, manage admissions, catalog research findings, and more with easy-to-use database software.
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Improve services and reduce administrative overhead, while containing costs.
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