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FileMaker Pro is a system renowned for its ease of use and comprehensive capabilities. Most solutions do not require a Database Analyst (DBA) or technologist to tend or jockey the solution. The FileMaker Pro system uses a robust client server architecture that optimizes searching and sorting your data. Disparate information can be gathered in one place, providing instant access to the information you need, when you need it. You and your company can report and communicate information easily and maintain information securely. With built in flexibility and customization, the system can work through the web and be an integral part of your communication solution.

If it isn’t broken... connect it! While FileMaker is capable of providing comprehensive solutions, we recognize that your organization may already be using other technologies for various departmental functions. FileMaker connects to your organization’s information even it is stored in systems that use ODBC, SQL, MySQL, Oracle or desktop applications such as MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat. Proprietary solutions such as accounting software or FedEx/UPS shipping can be connected to your FileMaker workflow solution with use of 3rd party Plugins, sometimes called Extensions.


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Manage customers, clients, and vendors

Track inventory, products, and assets

Organize pictures, video and other multimedia files

Access project details and associated tasks

Print invoices, letters and mailing labels

Produce reports in PDF or Excel formats

Create customized electronic forms that look just like your paper forms

Design a custom application that works the way you do

View live Web information associated with your data from within FileMaker

Share databases with Windows and Mac users simultaneously over the network or across the Web.

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