Case Studies: Corporate Communication

Case Studies: Corporate Communication

Client: Shapard Research
Industry: Market Research

Shapard Research offers qualitative and quantitative research programs to meet the needs of their diverse client base. London Net Studio has created solutions that employ nearly every aspect of FileMaker’s robust feature set. These features facilitate data collection via call centers, on-line surveys, and publicly placed kiosks as well as reporting via web browsers, email, Excel and PDF file exports.

Shapard Research’s most innovative use of FileMaker is to deploy their FM Server as a hub for their client’s internal communications. This has served Shapard’s clients well by creating feedback and review channels for their organization that did not previously exist. The strategic outcome of this effort is to cement Shapard’s client relationships. London Net Studio is proud to have provided solid technical infrastructure and custom programming that allows Shapard to align their technology to their client’s business objectives.

Customer Loyalty Management (CLM)
CLM facilitates internal corporate communication in 3 ways: 

  • Record call center interviews in CLM database, documenting the experience of randomly selected end customers, and calculate a loyalty and satisfaction score for each interview.
  • Publish results via a secure web control panel allows corporate wide comparison by corporate executives and  division managers of over 60 divisions nationwide. Presenting information as bar and line charts as well as downloadable documents.
  • Alert and resolve customer problems through an online interface for sales representatives to be responsive to their customers’ needs and suggestions.