National Museum of Mexican Art


The museum’s server responsible for hosting their collections data was unreliable. Unable to create a regular backup or manage the imagery associated with the collection.

Moving the Server to the cloud, and the development of a image management system allows the curatorial staff to maintain files that are specific to each artwork in the collection.

The National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA) was using an older server, limited in its processing power and storage capacity. Upgrading to current software, and moving the server to a cloud configuration addressed reliability issues, and also opened up possibilities.

  • Connectivity to the system from anywhere
  • Ability to support the Museum’s website with imagery stored in the database. Using FileMaker Server’s REST API.
  • Scheduled back ups.
  • Increased storage capacity to maintain the collection’s image archive.

Working with curators at the National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA) we were able to update and expand their existing FileMaker 12 System to FileMaker 17. Expanding both usability for museum staff, and the technical infrastructure to facilitate the museum staff in organizing and documenting the Museum’s collection.

London Net Studio also created storage and imaging standards to generate image files at resolutions, appropriate to their intended use. The museum wanted the ability to maintain imagery for a variety of applications, documentation of an object’s condition, screen or print reproduction, as well as a high resolution archive.

The technical upgrades included moving the system to the cloud where automatic backups are regularly executed and stored at a secure off site location. The storage capacity was expanded to scale with the amount of documentation the Museum requires for each piece. 

The FileMaker Server also provides a REST api that supports imagery for the museum’s website. Though the database is now hosted on a cloud (AWS) based server, The museum still maintains an in-house archive of images organized to support the cloud hosted database. The in-house archive is also backed up to a secure off-site location. 

Interface enhancements have provided the ability to display portfolio or suites of related artworks.

It is an honor to support the work of the National Museum of Mexican Art in their efforts to document and secure the cultural heritage represented by their collection. London Net Studio has created several Collection Management systems for Museums, Galleries and Private Art collectors.