Vikng Brothers Inc.

I was contacted by Sherry Melby, of Viking Brothers Trucking, when the company was using FileMaker 6. Sherry was responsible for invoicing customers and settling (paying) transportation brokers. To perform these tasks she maintained a flat file (FM6) of customer contact information and another file to print both invoice and payment forms. She also maintained an excel sheet that contained broker/driver information. None of this was related together and all of it required Sherry’s knowledge of the business logic as well as a lot of double entry. Viking Brothers is also growing and there was a need to bring additional personnel to perform these tasks.

I worked with Sherry to recognize and organize seven entities (Invoices, Settlements, Customers, Jobs, Brokers, Drivers and Line Items). The resulting solution uses scripting to imbed the business logic into an intuitive interface that allows a new hire to understand and operate the system. Creating a consistent and clickable process has allowed Sherry to hand off many of the tasks that only she knew how to perform manually.

VBI now has time to consider even greater efficiencies. Using FileMaker 14 London Net Studio created a text messaging dispatch system. To alert drivers of every load and to document every haul.