LNS connecting

Claris FileMaker 2024
Claris Studio and the Claris Platform.

Find out what your upgrade can do.

A custom app/database solution streamlines your process. centralizes your information and facilitates the way your business works. That’s what London Net Studio delivers.

There is so much time and effort completing forms, filling fields. and checking all the boxes. Make sure that there is a return on that investment. To own your data is to make the information that your team creates, enters, and collects work for the business.

Centralize it!

  • Eliminate double entry, information entered only once.
  • Distribute information to only those who need to know.
  • Control what goes in, by validating data as it is entered. 

Take it with you

  • Create software that matches your organization‘s process. 
  • Mobile phones and tablets collect information from the people that know it.
  • One datastore protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to manage your data.

Create it, or connect it

  • Integrate with online services.
  • Claris Connect ties your cloud together.
  • Build your solution to match your process.

Your process is the thing that makes your business distinct from the competition, build on it. Make it clickable, clear and timely! Organize your process and communication between executives, management, employees, clients and vendors.